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What is a Vixen?



n.1. A female fox. 2.a. A woman regarded as sexually alluring. b. A woman regarded as quarrelsome or ill-tempered.

Common terms associated: beautiful, female silver fox, sexy woman, sex kitten, female stag, powerful broad, Santa's reindeer, gorgeous, ill tempered, foxy, erotic

What does VIXEN MERCANTILE think a VIXEN is?

Our synopsis is that a Vixen is someone who radiates beauty from the inside out. "Sexy" can mean so many's not only physical...its your swagger, aspirations, individual quirks and awareness. A Vixen allows their individuality to shine and takes risks to accomplish dreams. By doing this you become that silver fox, the sex kitten...that ill tempered, strong willed powerful person!

To be a true Vixen one needs to exude confidence, be strong willed and most importantly, themself. It doesn't matter what gender you are. Being a Vixen is someone who is empowering and radiates a bright energy. They allow themself to shine, be a little sassy and stand proud. Vixen's don't only do this on their own but with their Kin, in their Den's, with their pack and even when they aren't in their natural habitat. It's important to step out of your comfort zone and allow for opportunities to present themselves. Vixens typically live with others and travel with their posse. They know the value and importance of what a community is. They work together and for one another, not against each other. Vixens create a strong and sustainable environment.

As a vixen you gotta do what makes you happy. If that means putting them bright red vintage Jimmy Cho S

tilettos on and walking into Bingo Night out of all places, then go for it. Or maybe, it could mean setting new trends and sprucing up your fishing outfit to go out clubbing. Just make sure to always be you. Always wanted to check out Line Dancing?! Go for it! Skinny dipping...why the "F" not?! Want to go to Europe!? Make that shit happen. The world is yours.

Vixens are strong and caring, pave their own path, hunt their prey and don't let anything stop them in their tracks. They show adaptability and intelligence. Human Vixen's do the same. One thing we can all learn from a Vixen is to just "Be You." Not everyone is able to see themselves, or allow themselves to be open to change. You can't take steps to being successful unless you accept who you are.

So where do you fit into this? YOU are totally gorgeous. YOU encompass what it takes to be a Vixen. So why wait? What's holding you back? Go on, get out, get up and do something! Strut your stuff. Express yourself. Be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Live the life you want to live. Be a Vixen.

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