• krysta kearney

Retrograde For Sustainability

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Ever thought about stepping back to move forward? It's easy to get caught up in life's seemingly constant tribulations and not consider what was, what is and what is about to be. It is important we reflect on the past to know the effects of how what we do now, will effect the future. This holds true in all things...including what we choose to wear. It is the responsibility of us as citizens to think sustainably. Let's foster change and take the less environmentally harmful option. We can all do this by making little changes in our wardrobe. Be considerate of the fibers your clothing is...perhaps choose clothing that is made up of less synthetic materials. Shop vintage, or second hand...wear previously loved clothing and give it new life. Yes, some of this clothing may be made of synthetic materials but at least you're doing your best to minimize the footprint of the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion goes beyond this but there are great ways where each of us can make a simple contribution. Maybe today replace or trade one of your articles of clothing or donate to your favorite thrift store. In order for us to have a more sustainable future we need to utilize the sources we have already created and remember how each one of us and all that we do makes a difference.


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